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What are Shawnee Siding Considerations for Homeowners?

There are many unique issues relating to Shawnee siding, particularly the variations in home ages in this area. Older and newer-construction homes have different sets of challenges to think about.

Read on to learn more about some important things to consider when getting siding for your home.

How Age, Style, and Materials Impact Home Siding

Many Shawnee homeowners with newer homes have been surprised to discover that they will likely need new siding sooner rather than later, because of the quality of a lot of new home construction. Some builders use less durable materials, which contributes to faster wear.

However, older homes ranging from 50-57 years old are not trouble-free by any means. Builders in the Shawnee area have often cut corners, leading to walls that are not level. Homeowners may be unaware of these issues unless a siding professional points them out.

The materials used in home construction may be susceptible to problems with more natural origins, such as woodpeckers and wood rot. A common problem is many homeowners try to paint over these types of defects when the siding requires replacement.

What Are Shawnee Siding Considerations for City Codes?

When installing Shawnee siding, homeowners need to think about issues with city codes and requirements. Although most homes built around 1988-1992 or later have siding that meets current standards, installation methods initially used may impact repair or replacement options. For example, many homes, unfortunately, have a lot of wood rot around window frames.

To conform to local building codes, homes need to have egress windows that can open. These types of windows make it easier for people to escape from the house during a fire or other emergency. A common problem some homeowners in Shawnee have windows that do not open properly, posing a problem if the house is on the market. It’s important to make sure that the siding doesn’t obstruct the windows in any way.

One way to make sure everything is up to code and building standards is to ensure that all the windows seal properly. If windows don’t seal right, gases like argon can escape easily. Homes with leaking windows also lose much of their energy efficiency. Properly-installed windows and siding go a long way toward keeping homes in top condition.

Tips and Advice for Homeowners

A helpful tip for homeowners to keep in mind is that window prices have steadily gone up over a 20-year period. Delaying window or siding replacement may force you to have to do these tasks when the price has gone up further. The last thing you want to do is wait until repair is beyond your reach at a time when your home needs to be brought up to code.

One thing that homeowners need to watch for is whether they have issues with doors sticking. When a door sticks and won’t open or close right, this may indicate problems with the siding affecting the door frame. Sometimes homeowners make the mistake of putting repair off until the problem has substantially worsened.

The best time to start preparing for potential repairs is when you first notice problems. A siding technician will be able to identify the cause and help you work out a plan suitable for correcting the problem. Issues with siding or windows that are not corrected may worsen until there is costly structural damage.

One possible threat to watch for if your siding or trim has rot is mold. Although mold is unsightly, the worst thing about it is that unchecked mold poses a health concern. Mold threatens your family’s health, as well as the health of anyone visiting your home.

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