10 Common Kansas City Window Replacement Terms to Understand

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It’s not every day we get new windows and there are likely even some common window replacement terms we may not recognize. We trust that the team replacing them knows, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t know them, too.

It’s helpful to know different names for certain things, so it makes it easier for you to let your contractor know what you want. It saves a lot of time and possibly embarrassment.

10 Common Window Replacement Terms to Understand

There is no reason why you need to know all the terms, but knowing a few common window replacement terms can help you get what you need much quicker.

Types of Windows

• Double-Hung Windows

These windows are one of the most common types of windows. They are convenient, easy to clean, and easy to repair. They are great for exterior areas near walkways or patios where you don’t want a window obstructing a walkway. You can have the opening at the top or bottom.

• Bay or Bow Windows

A bay or bow window is a great choice if you want something that looks great and lets in a lot of light from different angles. They add depth and texture and can be used to place plants or even for seating.

• Awning Windows

A casement window opens with a crank. They open upwards to let in air and light, but can also be left open during light rain, as the window protects the open area, just like an awning.

• Casement Windows

Similar to awning windows, these crank outward to let in a lot more air. If you have a space where there is nothing blocking the windows, they are perfect as they can open a little or all the way.

Types of Glass

There are a few common window replacement terms when it comes to different types of glass that you should also be familiar with.

• Float Glass

Float glass is just regular glass made from molten glass. The molten glass is poured into a tin, which allows it to take the shape of large glass panels. From there it is made into all other types of glass. Regular glass is too fragile on its own.

• Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is made with two pieces of float glass with a thin layer of PVB resin pressed between the glass panes. This makes it much stronger and more secure.

• Tempered Glass

Tempering is a process to make the float glass even stronger. This is practical for windows that may be subject to storms, facing a busy area, or bigger than average.

Other Common Terminology

For a few more other terms you may not be familiar with.

• Sash

The sash is the inside of the frame. It’s where the glass sits and is held firmly in place.

• Frame

This is where the window sits. The sash is inside the frame. The frame is the part that fits into the wall to hold the window securely in place.

• Weather Strip

This is often made of rubber or foam and added once the glass is in place. It is applied soft but it hardens considerably and is there to keep moisture and air out.

Common Window Replacement Terms

No one will expect you to be an expert on the terms of window replacement, but it doesn’t hurt to understand a bit about what is going on. When you are being told about certain features of your windows, you should know what is being said.

For more help, contact us here at Fairway Exteriors. We will be happy to help you get exactly what you need.

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