6 Tips for Choosing a Siding Color

Choosing a Siding Color

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We could always use a few tips for choosing a siding color. The color of your siding is just as important as the materials you choose. Your siding will last a long time, so if your siding can’t be painted or stained, you need to choose a color you like.

Choosing something you can live with for years can be a bit daunting. It needs to match your style, your yard, and your neighborhood. Most people choose to go with colors already in nature.

Simply going with a color you like isn’t always the best idea. There are other considerations you need to think about.

  • Your Roof

A great tip for choosing a siding color is to let your roof be a guide. If your roof is fairly new, expect it to last many years. Your siding should match or complement your roof.

If your roof is dark, then find a lighter shade of the same color. Don’t go darker than your roof unless your roof is a neutral color.  Darker colors let you match it with trim on your windows and doors.

  • The Style of Your House

If you have an older home, the siding should reflect its style and history. Pastels and lighter colors give it grace and dignity. Too much bright and bold color will diminish that.

With a newer, more modern home, you can be a bit bolder with colors. You can get more creative if you like, mix the tones for depth and texture, and have fun with colors that are less conventional.

  • The Size of Your Home

The main tip for choosing a siding color and house size is that the larger homes should consider lighter colors and the smaller homes can go with a darker shade and colors.

Dark colors on a big house can make it seem overbearing and a small house with light colors can almost disappear into the background. You can always use variations for windows, doors, and other accessories.

  • Landscape

If your property has a lot of large trees and a lot of yard space, find a color that will compliment all the green. Various shades of brown will work well with trees, plants, and flowers.

A good tip for choosing a siding color in a new area without any landscaping is to go lighter on the color. At least, to begin with. After a few years once the area is more filled in, you can get bolder with colors.

  • Your Neighborhood

Take a page out of your own neighborhood. If most of the homes have neutral colors, then stick with that. You don’t want to stand out too much, as it can be irksome for your neighbors, and even lower the property values.

You can still be unique and create your own style with the color of the siding that you choose. Just don’t go overboard with it and make your home seem too loud and garish.

  • Climate

The weather you have in your area can make a big difference to what type of siding you choose. Darker colors in dark weather make it seem gloomy and depressing. Lighter colors can brighten everything up and make it more cheery.

Tips for Choosing a Siding Color

If you need more tips for choosing a siding color, contact us here at Fairway Exteriors. The color you choose is just as important as the materials you want. Get the perfect color to match your style and taste.

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Scott Neidow


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