Care Tips for Your Newly Installed James Hardie Siding

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Looking for care tips on your newly installed James Hardie siding? James Hardie siding is a great investment in your home, an investment that you want to protect.

It’s true that your new siding doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, but it does still require care to keep it looking great and protecting your home. James Hardie products are made to last, but they still need some TLC.

Care Tips for Your Newly Installed James Hardie Siding

Keeping your newly installed James Hardie siding cleaned and regular inspections, both professional and by you, the homeowner, will make sure it’s at peak performance.

Wash Your Siding

Regular cleaning and spot washing will keep your siding looking new. Never use any harsh cleaners or anything that is not meant for your siding. Avoid rough brushes or clothes, like abrasive pot scratchers, and don’t use your pressure washer.

Weather Build-up

Wind, rain, snow, ice, they can all cause dirt, dust, and other bits of debris to cling to your siding. Use your garden hose and a soft broom or brush to remove the dirt away.

Try to brush or wipe most of the dirt away first, to remove all the leaves and other bits that are stuck. Once you have those bigger pieces off, use the hose to get the other stuff off.

Watch for leaves sticking to your newly installed James Hardie siding, as they can bleed into the siding, making stains or causing some discoloration. Always check your siding after some severe weather.

Grease and Oil

Oil and grease can get splashed on your siding, it can get on from other bits of debris flying around the yard, or simply by accident. You will need some soap to break these substances down.

Use a mild soap, like dishwashing liquid, and a soft cloth or brush. Rub gently at the grease stain to try and lift it off without damaging the surface of your new siding.


After your newly installed James Hardie siding is in place, keep a regular eye on it. You can do inspections yourself, looking for damages, dirt, or stains.

Book an appointment with your James Hardie specialist to inspect your siding at least once a year. They can spot problems that you may not be able to. Keeping up with cleaning and repairs is the best way to keep your siding looking great and new.

Newly Installed James Hardie Siding

If you have recently had new siding installed or are looking for advice, please contact us here at Fairway Exteriors. We are experts on James Hardie fiber cement siding.

We can install your new siding, help you maintain it, and keep your siding looking great for many years. Fall in love with your home by transforming your exteriors into a beautiful modern farmhouse or a gorgeous Cape Cod full of charm. The possibilities are endless when you choose James Hardie Siding.

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