Considerations When Investing in a New Front Door

Considerations When Investing in a New Front Door

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Investing in a new front door might not sound difficult, but there are a lot of choices available. But if you are replacing your old one, that’s a great place to start.

Besides the color and the style, you need to consider other features, as well. Your door is the central focus of your home, the entry in, and it says a lot about who you are and what people can expect behind it.

Considerations When Investing in a New Front Door

Ideally, you want to invest in a new front door that will match the rest of the style and color of the exterior of your home.


If you have already been out shopping for doors, you know some doors can be terribly expensive. But, even a less expensive door still needs extras, like hinges, glazing, security, and installation.

A lower-priced door might not be so after you have to make a lot of adjustments to it. Jumping at the first door that meets your budget is never a good idea.


There are plenty of materials available, all ranging in price. You do want to think about the safety of the door, and what types are easier to change or alter if you want something different in a few years.

Wood or steel doors are easy to repaint or refinish, and fiberglass is less likely to become damaged by denting or scratching. You also should consider sustainability, and how they function.


There are plenty of options available but if you are investing in a new front door, you want it to match your home’s style. While the style of your house should lend itself to the style of the door, it doesn’t have to.

You don’t want to go too far off from the style of your house but if you have mixed styles in your home, then pick a door that reflects part of that to help blend everything together.


Depending on the material of your door, you may be open to changing the color. But investing in a new front door that has a permanent color needs some consideration.

You can go with something subtle that matches the trim, the roof, and a few other portions of your home, or go for something wild and wonderful that makes the rest of your calmer colors pop.

Energy Efficient

When investing in a new front door, you need to consider the weather. If you live somewhere where you experience all the seasons rather harshly, you need a door that will keep the heat and the cold where it belongs.

A great-looking door may be just that. Great looking. But if it doesn’t work with your home to not waste energy then it’s really only decorative. Just like your windows, they need to be energy-efficient.

To Window or Not To Window

A small window at the top of your door or are you thinking about investing in an all-glass panel door? They are all great options but you need to consider safety, weather, and privacy.

Of course, you can always get security glass, frosted glass, and double-glazed glass. Keep in mind that windows can be a security risk and get moisture inside them.

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