Exterior Home Improvements to Invest in this Year

Exterior Home Improvements

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Did you know that a few exterior home improvements can make your home not only look better but function better? Doors, windows, and siding can save you hundreds in lost energy costs alone.

Moisture in the wrong place is one of the worst issues homeowners need to cope with. These three exterior home improvements can help keep out moisture, cold, bugs, and more.

Exterior Home Improvements to Invest in this Year

If you need some exterior home improvements, set your budget for these three. Windows, doors, and siding.


Once your windows get damaged from use, moisture, age, and weather, they no longer work very well. They may be difficult to open or close, there may be gaps around the frames, the window panes may be loose or cracked, and they can allow a lot of heat or cool air to escape.

Window replacement can add a lot to your home. They enhance the curb appeal of the home, greatly improve your energy efficiency, and are much easier to use.

New windows are also much safer, they add more security, allow a better view, keep the noise down, and do not require as much maintenance. New windows will make a big difference to the appearance and comfort of your home.


New doors are also a great way to invest in exterior home improvements. Just like new windows, new doors not only give your home a fresh new look, but there are other benefits, as well.

Your door is one of the first things people notice about your home, it should be welcoming and they should want to see what awaits on the other side. This adds value to your home.

A new door is a great way to improve your energy efficiency. You lose a lot of hot or cool air every time the door opens. But if there are holes, spaces, and gaps, then you are spying to heat the outside of the door.

Your new door will be much more secure and will last for many years. You can personalize it for light, privacy, and appearance. Secure glass with designs or frosting can bring both light and privacy.


One of the biggest exterior home improvements you can invest in is new siding. New siding will instantly improve the look and curb appeal of your home. Old siding can make your home look drab and many years older than it needs to.

Good quality siding can greatly improve the energy efficiency of your home. Siding that doesn’t hold up well, or allows gaps and holes can let a lot of cold in and heat escape.

If moisture seeps in, then you have a problem with mold, rot, and it will attract bugs. This can all spread into your walls and end up costing much more to repair than replacing the original siding.

The right siding can mean far less maintenance is required. Fiber cement can last for years and won’t get damp, will protect your home from the elements, and will look great for many years without a lot of work required.

Exterior Home Improvements to Invest in this Year

Investing in a few exterior home improvements can make the world of difference to your home. It will function much better and look great at the same time.

Windows, doors, and new siding are great ways to make improvements, whether you just want to spruce up your home or you are looking to sell it. Contact us here at Fairway Exteriors for more information.

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