Looking to Sell Your Home? Increase Your Curb Appeal with These Projects

Increase Your Curb Appeal

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If you want to sell your home for as much profit as possible, you’ll need to increase your curb appeal with a variety of outdoor projects. “Curb appeal”, in a nutshell, is how attractive or inviting your home looks from the curb. The more curb appeal you can generate, the more likely home shoppers will be to make you an attractive offer.

So, what can you do to boost curb appeal? Turns out, a lot! Consider these projects before putting your house on the market to maximize its profitability.

Increase Your Curb Appeal: Replace Windows and the Front Door

Are the windows drafty or old, or are they in an out-of-style shape that makes your home look a few decades older than it actually is? Consider replacing them with new windows from contractors like Fairway Exteriors. We can set you up with new replacement windows in materials like fiberglass, vinyl, or even real wood (which is excellent for boosting curb appeal).

We can do the same thing when it comes to installing a new front door. Since your front door is the first impression home shoppers notice when approaching your house, making that impression excellent is always a wise strategy. We can install a durable, aesthetically attractive front door for your house in no time when you give us a call.

While we are at it, you can also consider installing a new Kansas City garage door – a custom garage door can make an immediate impact on the exterior aesthetic your house.

Install New Siding

However, your house’s siding affects its curb appeal perhaps more than any other single factor. The siding material and color will impact how your home looks next to other houses in the same neighborhood, plus how durable and resistant to weather or pests your house is overall.

Need new siding for your house? Look no further than Fairway Exteriors. As certified James Hardie fiber cement siding specialists, we can install new fiber cement siding on your house and on your budget.

Spruce Up the Front Yard

You can do lots of other things to boost curb appeal, as well. For example, you can spruce up your front yard by:

  • Mowing the lawn or replanting it with fresh grass
  • Watering the plants or replacing dead or dying plants with new blooms
  • Painting the fence or gate
  • And so on

Increase Your Curb Appeal: Add Some Exterior Lights

For even more curb appeal, consider installing some exterior lights on either side of your garage door or on either side of your entry door. Exterior lights are practically beneficial and do a lot to make your home seem warm and welcoming to home shoppers who arrive in the evening.

Clean the Gutters

From time to time, you should clean out your gutters to remove ice, debris, and animal nests. But it’s also important if you want your home to look attractive to prospective buyers. Be sure to clean the gutters before anyone comes for a tour.

Give the Mailbox a Makeover

If your home has a mailbox, give it a fresh coat of paint or replace it with a new mailbox. No one wants to buy a home with a mailbox that looks neglected or in disrepair.

Clean the Walkways

Lastly, sweep or hose down the walkways to remove leaves or dirty footprints. An inviting path up to your newly replaced front door can do a lot to make a home seem more attractive in the eyes of prospective buyers.

Contact Fairway Exteriors for Help to Increase Your Curb Appeal

As you can see, you can take several steps to boost your home’s curb appeal, such as installing new siding. If you need assistance installing siding, replacing your windows, or installing a new front door, Fairway Exteriors can offer exterior remodeling services. As the number one exterior remodeling company for Kansas City homeowners, we can help you increase your curb appeal with all these projects and more – so contact us today!

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