Qualities to Look For in a Kansas City Siding Contractor

Kansas City Siding Contractor

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When you look for a new Kansas City siding contractor, you should look for specific qualities that indicate the quality of work they’ll perform on your house. Hiring a siding contractor is a big decision, and you don’t want to give your time and money to a contractor that will ultimately produce subpar project results.

Not sure what to look for? Check for these four major factors before hiring any Kansas City contractor for an exterior remodeling project.

Kansas City Siding Contractor

Great Reviews

Next, you’ll want to make sure a siding contractor company has excellent reviews online and on its testimonials page. A testimonials page collects positive reviews for the company and can give you some insight into what to expect if you hire them for your siding project.

However, you should also check review collection websites like Google, Yelp, and more. These offer unbiased, and oftentimes more balanced, breakdowns of a siding contractor’s past performance. These sites will include bad reviews with good reviews, though, so be sure to look through all of them to get a good idea of the true value of a siding company’s work.

Expertise and Awards – More Important Qualities to Look for in a Kansas City Siding Contractor

You should also investigate a company’s expertise and any awards. For example, Fairway Exteriors is an Elite Preferred James Hardie fiber cement contractor. This means that we’re part of the James Hardie Contractor Alliance and are certified professional installers for James Hardie siding. Fairway Exteriors is also the #1 Best James Hardie Siding Installation Company in Kansas City according to Blogger Local.

The more awards a siding contracting company has, the better a job it will do for your upcoming project.

As far as expertise goes, the more niche or specialized an exterior remodeling company is, the better it will be for a given project. For example, Fairway Exteriors specializes in siding, window, and front door installation. We don’t handle other exterior remodeling efforts, such as paving driveways or redoing yards.

But in exchange, we can focus more of our efforts and energy on siding projects, like installing James Hardie fiber cement siding on your house.

Lifetime Guarantees

Last, only ever hire a Kansas City siding contractor if they offer warranties or guarantees for their products. Lifetime warranties prevent you from wasting your money by guaranteeing you a refund or free replacement of siding or other project materials if they have manufacturer or installation defects.

Say that you hire a Kansas City contractor to install James Hardie fiber cement siding. But they install the siding improperly, leading to degradation in a matter of months. If your siding is protected by a lifetime warranty, you can get the siding fixed or replaced without more cash coming out of your pocket.

Fortunately, Fairway Exteriors offers a lifetime workmanship warranty for all of our products, including James Hardie cement siding installation. We’re so confident in the quality of our workmanship that we extend this deal to each of our clients.

Ultimately, Fairway Exteriors includes all the major qualities you should look for in a Kansas City siding contractor, so contact us today!

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