Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding? 6 Factors

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding 6 Factors

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It can be a difficult decision trying to figure out if you should repair or replace your siding. Many times we opt for repairs simply to save money. But too many repairs are often a waste of time and money.

When a few repairs will do the job, that’s fine but there is no point paying for repairs that won’t hold up for very long. Your siding can start to look terrible after a while.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding? 6 Factors

Sometimes it’s not always possible to tell at a glance if the damage to your siding goes deeper than just the surface. An inspection is always recommended, to make sure you are making the right choice.


There are a few issues that can be taken care of with a few repairs. Usually, there are smaller issues that you can see.

  • Storm Damage

If there were a few dents, scratches, or even some siding that got lifted or broken, these can most often be easily repaired. These are often easy and quick to fix and won’t cost a lot of money. You may even be able to claim them on your insurance.

  • Cracks, Dents, and Chipping

Depending on how bad these issues are, for the most part, they can be easily repaired. If only a few spots are damaged then you can get that taken care of quickly without much expense.

If these smaller damages are not causing any other problems, a quick repair will keep your siding looking great for a lot longer.


There are going to be times when repairs simply won’t be good enough to protect your siding and your home.

  • Damp or Rot

If there is a lot of dampness or even rot of any kind on or under your siding, you need to replace it. There isn’t really much that you can do to repair rot, and once it is in, it will keep growing.

This can lead to mold. While small bits of mold can be taken care of, once it starts to spread, you need to remove the siding and get everything cleaned out underneath.

  • Constant Repairs

If you are constantly having to repair your siding, in particular, for the same reasons and problems, then your best plan is to replace it. It becomes a waste of time and money to keep trying to fix the same problem without success.

  • Old or Fading Siding

Once the color has faded from your siding, it is no longer effective. The weatherproofing is gone and it should be replaced. The same with siding that is past its prime. While it is all meant to last a long time, it won’t last forever.

  • Higher Energy Bills

If you have noticed a spike in your energy bills when nothing else has changed, then the siding is no longer performing as it should. There could be gaps, holes, cracks, and even large spaces that you are not aware of.

Your home can look old and shabby with faded or damaged siding. New siding can give it the facelift it needs. Good siding will last for many years, so if your siding is beyond repair, it’s time to replace siding.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Siding?

Don’t wait until your siding makes the decision for you. Get an inspection to make sure your siding is always in the best condition it can be. For more information about whether you should repair or replace your siding, contact us here at Fairway Exteriors.

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