What Are Siding Manufacturer Warranties & Siding Installation Workmanship Warranties?

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Homeowners in the KC area that are considering getting new siding for their home may be confused about the differences between siding manufacturer warranties and the warranties for installation workmanship. While you won’t have to worry much about which warranty covers what when you use the right contractor since they’ll handle most of that for you, knowing the difference can still be useful when shopping for new siding.

We’re going to look at the differences between siding manufacturer warranties and the siding installation workmanship warranties your siding should have. We’ll also look at who provides which one, and which are likely to be longer. Additionally, we’ll cover some of the different types of siding manufacturer warranties.

Siding Manufacturer Warranties & Siding Installation Workmanship Warranties

There are some considerable differences between the two primary types of warranty coverage your new siding installation will come with. It will generally have a siding manufacturer warranty and a siding installation workmanship warranty. These sound similar because they are both warranties, but they have some very significant differences.

The first difference is in who provides the warranty. One warranty is provided by the company that manufactures the siding material itself. This warranty is often referred to as the lifespan of the siding, and with many manufacturers, the warranty coverage depends on a bunch of criteria that are relatively difficult for the homeowner to meet. One notable exception is the James Hardie warranty, which has the company going out of its way to make sure the homeowner is taken care of. The other one is a warranty provided by the siding installer and covers the actual installation of the materials by their contractors. This warranty is frequently what is used to get poor installations fixed.

Another big difference between the two is what each one covers. The manufacturer warranty will generally cover more but is harder to keep covered. For example, the manufacturer warranty will generally cover the materials needed to replace the faulty or damaged materials, as well as cover the labor to get the repairs done. However, many siding manufacturers require that their installers be specifically trained and certified to install their siding in order to keep the coverage. The workmanship warranty will generally cover the labor to make the mistake right, as well as the materials needed to complete the repairs.

What Are Siding Manufacturer Warranties?

Some of the most common manufacturer warranties are below.

“No-Fade” Warranties

These are warranties often found on vinyl siding, which is a marketing gimmick to get homeowners to buy vinyl. Nothing can stay colorfast forever, and the conditions they put on the fading coverage are little more than a scam.

Shrink & Buckle Warranties

These warranties are another common one to see on wood siding, engineered wood siding, vinyl siding, and steel siding, which touts that they won’t buckle or warp due to expansion and contraction, but that is unavoidable.

Hardie Is A Warranty Leader

Hardie fiber cement siding is one of the few warranties out there that are decent. 30 years of non-prorated coverage, and it can be transferred to a home sale.

What Are Siding Installation Workmanship Warranties?

As long as the homeowner owns the home we’ll warranty anything with our workmanship. If we accidentally installed a board backward we’ll come out and fix it with no problem, at no cost to you.

Fairway Works With The Leading Siding Manufacturer

If your home needs new siding and you want the best siding manufacturer warranties out there, you want to go with James Hardie siding, just reach out to get started.

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