What Are the Benefits of Combining Exterior Remodeling Projects?

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Homeowners in the KC area take a significant amount of pride in their home’s appearance, as well as in protecting their investment with the best value measures possible, including combining multiple exterior remodeling projects. There are some significant benefits to this tactic, and while it will require a more substantial initial investment, it can save tremendous amounts of money, time, and hassle later on. Let’s take a look at the benefits of combining exterior remodeling projects.

Benefits of Combining Exterior Remodeling Projects

While we don’t have the time or space to cover all of the potential benefits that homeowners can get from combining exterior projects, we are going to cover the most significant and common benefits here.

Saving Money

First and foremost, it can save incredible amounts of money both in materials and labor. If you get new siding, you are already making a significant investment into the protection and appearance of your home. While some people may hesitate and wait for “prices to come down” after the spike related to the recent pandemic, the truth is that prices consistently increase, and the sooner that a homeowner locks in the price they’re going to pay, the lower that price is going to be, looking back. Simply put, the longer you wait, the more it’s going to cost.

You Can Avoid Doing Things Twice

While you may not be able to forecast all of your potential exterior remodeling projects, trying to combine as many as possible into one remodeling project is the most effective way to avoid potentially doing things twice. One classic example is the homeowner that wants new siding but doesn’t want to do new windows at that time. In situations like this, doing the two projects separately means some tasks will need to be done twice.

In this example, if the homeowner does the siding first as is common, certain things are baked into that. One is that the siding is pre-cut for the existing windows, as are things like soffit and fascia, but they are pre-cut to what is there now, not what they’ll be buying down the road.

This means that later that year, or the next when the windows are done, new windows will be installed that will almost certainly be of a different size. Siding around the windows will need to be cut, or even replaced if the window is narrower. Not only can this additional expense, but it can add labor time to your next project.

Avoid Future Hassle

Sometimes, projects are just done in the wrong order. For example, getting new gutters before getting new siding and fascia installed is doing things backward. Generally, any gutters and downspouts installed will need to be removed for a siding project, which can mean significant extra expense if those gutters were just recently installed. If the projects were combined into a single exterior remodeling project, the exterior would be stripped, then the siding installed, then the gutters, with only a single tear-down.

Trust Fairway Exteriors To Get It Done Right The First Time

At Fairway Exteriors we pride ourselves on being transparent and honest, not only in our estimation of a project’s cost but in our overall operations. If you have been considering multiple exterior remodeling projects but are unsure of the best order to do them in, or if you have any questions about the exterior remodeling process in general, reach out today and speak with a local expert.

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