What Are Common Kansas City Siding Installation Mistakes?

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If you are looking for a great Kansas City siding installation company, you will need to do your homework. Having siding installed on our home not only protects your house, but it can really make it look fabulous.

But there are plenty of things that can go wrong. Mistakes can happen for any number of reasons when you are having your siding installed. Here are just a few areas where problems can happen.

Common Kansas City Siding Installation Mistakes

If you have never hired a contractor before, it’s best to look for a company with a good reputation and a company that specializes in siding.

Improper Clearance

If your Kansas City siding installation is too close to the roof, the trim, or the ground, it will cause problems. Moisture from rain, snow, and heavy humidity can get trapped and cause the siding to remain damp. This will cause mold to grow and the siding will rot.

It’s recommended that you leave about two inches between the siding and the roof or the trim. Otherwise, the moisture will have no way of evaporating or running off.

Not Wrapping the Home

If your Kansas City siding installation team is not wrapping your home with a code approved weather barrier or wrapping it improperly, that is big problem. Breathable paper barriers (Hardiewrap or Tyvek) or foam is used to cover your home during the installation to keep everything protected from moisture.

But just hanging the wrap around your home and attaching it with staples or nails isn’t enough to keep all the moisture out. The seams should all be taped up to make sure the barrier functions properly and allows the home to breathe but keep rain from entering the wall.

Improper Nailing

There is a lot of potential issues when it comes to nailing James Hardie fiber cement siding. It can be done too hard or not quite hard enough. If it’s hit too hard or too deep, you see a dimple in the siding where the nail sank into the material.

If it is nailed too loose or too high, the siding can get loosened in a storm, become pulled away from the house, and get moisture and pests in behind it. The nails need to be secure, but you shouldn’t see marks where they are.

Hardieplank has a nail line on the top of the board that is designed to guide installers on where to nail to get the proper holding power.

Hitting Studs

To ensure your siding is secure and protecting your home, siding needs to be nailed into the studs. Hitting the studs can be challenging since the home has sheathing and housewrap between the studs and the siding.

To help ensure proper installation Hardie has stainless steel screw / nail combo fasteners.

These were developed by Hardie to go with their siding. They are a bit more expensive but they will last a lifetime. They are there to protect the integrity of the siding and your home.

Cheap Products

Allowing your Kansas City siding installation to be completed with cheaper materials might seem like you are saving, but it will be much more expensive in the long run.

New siding is an investment in your home, you should pick a professional company that uses top-of-the-line products. Kansas City exterior remodeling contractors that use James Hardie products will stand behind their work and the materials.

Not Hiring a Professional Contractor

Siding is a big investment in your home and you are trying to work within a budget. But skimping on product or labor is going to be more expensive down the road.

Find reputable Kansas City James Hardie siding installers that has a history and references. You don’t want to cut corners and you don’t want a contractor who does, either.

Kansas City Siding Installation

If you are having problems trying to find a professional company to install your Kansas City siding, why not give us a call?

Fairway Exteriors is Kansas City’s foremost expert on James Hardie Siding.

Our team has trained hundreds of companies around the country on installation best practices. Give us a call for your free consultation.

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