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What Are Lee’s Summit Siding Considerations for Homeowners?

Lee’s Summit siding presents many unique challenges due to the age of many of the homes, with a lakeside setting being one of the most significant. As with many other homes in the area, quality is a key issue.

Read on to learn more about what you need to consider for siding in Lee’s Summit.

What Are Noteworthy Characteristics of Lee’s Summit Homes?

Many homes in Lee’s Summit present unique issues because of their age and location. These homes were often built during the 1970s and 80s, a time when builders often cut corners. One of the things that is a frequent problem with many of these houses is poor moisture management, which may lead to progressively worse problems for homeowners.

Because builders skip crucial steps to cut costs, many homes are constructed in ways that leave their exteriors vulnerable to woodpecker and termite damage. Windows and doors, in particular, suffer a lot of ill effects from this type of damage, often requiring more extensive repairs.

Sometimes, the repairs required are extensive enough to essentially require a full rebuild of the exterior with the new siding being installed. Better moisture management is almost certainly going to be involved with any of this type of construction work.

What Are Lee’s Summit Siding Issues Unique to This City?

Lee’s Summit siding is subject to the city’s local building code. Any contractor that you use for siding repair or installation will require a business license that stays current during the whole job. If any work on windows or doors is part of the project, flashing will be required for moisture control to help prevent wood rot.

Water-resistant barriers are required for all exterior walls. Without these barriers being present, moisture can get behind the siding, causing damage that would be time-consuming to resolve. Repairs for this type of damage are often more expensive than replacing the siding by itself would have been initially, making this a prospect that homeowners need to carefully plan for.

Consulting with your contractor before work begins is an excellent way to pinpoint any problems that require addressing before you start. Any problems that may arise are easier to deal with if you have plans in place. How well you plan in advance may make a difference in how smoothly the siding project goes for everyone involved.

Useful Advice for Homeowners Having Siding Installed

Although the requirements necessary to install siding in Lee’s Summit may seem stringent, they serve a useful purpose by ensuring that only well-qualified professionals handle this task. Your home is such an important investment that you don’t want to leave things to chance.

Verifying that your contractor’s license is current will save you a lot of time in the long run. The last thing homeowners want to contend with is having the professional’s license expire and having to wait for renewal to see the job completed. You also want to avoid the legal hassles that could come with your contractor not keeping their information current.

One of the things that you should find out about is whether any preexisting flashing is sufficient for your home’s moisture control. If your home was one of the ones built when contractors were not giving such issues proper attention, you may need to see about having the flashing issues resolved.

Making sure your contractor checks the integrity of your walls for proper waterproofing makes a difference. Some homeowners disregard anything behind the siding, feeling that it is not as important because they can’t see it. However, experienced contractors will check the walls to help ensure that everything is in order.

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