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What are Olathe Siding Considerations for Homeowners?

Olathe siding, like any home improvement project, has some important considerations potentially impacting your choice. The more you know about special considerations, the more informed a choice you can make.

Read on to learn more about what to consider when installing siding in Olathe.

What Are Some Common Olathe Home Characteristics?

One of the most noteworthy things about Olathe homes is that most of them are relatively newer construction, which may cut down on the number of potential structural issues. However, some popular building methods have special considerations that must be kept in mind.

The walls in some homes are layered rather than flat, a common building method when builders have been trying to save money. When this happens, the wall construction is not of the quality that homeowners expect, paving the way for more problems.

One of the first things that a siding contractor will need to do is make sure the walls are level. When the walls and siding aren’t level, this leads to some of the particularly frustrating problems that can happen with water damage. You may have to cope with more repairs than anticipated if these issues are uncorrected.

Other common problems include poor gutter placement, as well as damage from woodpeckers and other animals. With many Olathe homes dating to the 80s and 90s, some are almost certainly ready for replacement.

What City Codes or Requirements Do You Need to Think f For Olathe Siding?

When replacing Olathe siding, it is important to remember city codes and HOA requirements. Remembering these requirements is an important part of the siding construction process. When you don’t see these requirements initially, you’re risking not having everything work out as smoothly.

Olathe has some specific standards for how construction is to be performed. All homes must use recognized architectural styles on four sides of the building. The homes must have distinct tops, middles, and bottoms as well.

Siding must help keep the building harmonious with the rest of the other homes in the neighborhood, as well as the natural environment. These steps help ensure that the homes maintain their value. When replacing siding or adding new siding, homeowners will need to select siding that conforms to the overall design.

In the case of home additions, the siding must also follow requirements that relate to the aesthetics. Working closely with a contractor will ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

Advice and Suggestions for Working With Local Contractors

One of the most important things to consider is whether you need to replace the siding or repair it. Replacement will usually require greater conformity to local codes than repairs. In most cases, the repair process uses fewer materials, so you don’t need to think as much about these requirements as long as everything else is in order.

One of the most important considerations is whether the siding has wood rot. The wood root is a serious situation that can affect your home’s structural integrity. Among other things, the rot can also create safety or possible health hazards that could result in more headaches for you somewhere down the road.

The contractor you work with will have ideas about selecting siding that fits in with the local architecture. Although some types of siding may look as though they work, they may have features that make them poorly suited to certain styles. Because conformity with the local style is so important, you want to make sure what you’re interested in using really works as expected.

Fairway Exteriors can help you with all parts of the siding installation process, from a visual inspection to repair or replacement. Contact us today about our Olathe siding options, and we will be glad to get you started.

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