What Are Red Flags When Hiring a Kansas City Siding Contractor?

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There are several reasons you may be hiring a Kansas City siding contractor, from upgrading the aesthetic to protecting your home from rain and other environmental factors. Finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable contractor can be a challenge, as it can be hard to know which companies you can trust with your home.

Unfortunately, not every contractor you speak with will be trustworthy. It’s always best to get quotes from multiple companies, and you should also keep an eye out for any red flags that you may come across. We’re going to cover many of those red flags here, as well as where you can turn to talk to a local siding expert in the KC area.

What Are Red Flags When Hiring a Kansas City Siding Contractor?

How Long To Get Back To You

In reality, no contractor is going to be so busy that it will take them weeks to get back to you. A week, maybe two is understandable. If the contractor takes weeks to get back to you with a quote, it shows that they are not efficient due to being unorganized and lacking modern technology.

High-Pressure Sales

There’s a big difference between a salesperson who is enthusiastic about the product they’re selling and a pushy salesman that is trying too forcefully to make a sale. If you meet with a contractor for a quote and they have a high-pressure sales pitch, do not hesitate to let them know that you will not be making a decision today and that you need time to decide.

Non-Itemized Bids

When you get a bid from a Kansas City siding contractor and it is not itemized, how are you supposed to know exactly what you’re getting? An itemized list breaks everything down so you know everything your project will entail, even down colors. This is helpful because you can see where every dollar is going. When you get a bid that sounds affordable, there may be work that is not included. If they itemize the bid, you’ll be able to see if they’ve left out anything important.

Their Online Reputation

Another red flag is if their online reviews aren’t very impressive. If they have no reviews or just a few that are unremarkable, chances are they either haven’t been in business very long or their customers have not been impressed enough to leave a review. Either way, this is a red flag. Look for contractors that have positive reviews where the customer sounded enthusiastic about the siding job. Even better if there are pictures so you can see examples of their work.

Require Large Down Payments

Trustworthy contractors will not require a large down payment before they start the project. Most divide the payments into three even payments, requiring ⅓ before they start, ⅓ halfway through, and the final payment once the job is finished.

No Insurance

Your contractor should be able to quickly and easily produce proof of current, valid insurance. They should have a certificate of insurance for both liability, as well as workers’ compensation insurance. While you may not realize it until it’s too late, an uninsured contractor can shift that financial liability to the homeowner in many cases.

You Can Trust Fairway To Be Your Siding Partner

Fairway has been in business for many years helping homeowners in KC protect their most valuable investments. If you feel it’s time for your home to get new siding, but want to make sure you’re using a trusted, local contractor, Fairway Exteriors is ready to be your siding partner. Reach out today to speak with an expert member of our team to get started.

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