What Does a Professional Siding Installation Process Look Like?

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Homeowners in the Kansas City area are relatively committed to taking good care of their homes, and those who have never had to get siding before may wonder just what the siding installation process looks like. In many situations, the process has multiple significant steps even though it can be accomplished in relatively short periods.

We’re going to take a look at what the siding installation process looks like, from start to finish, with our company. We’ll look at what you should expect from any contractor in the siding business. In the end, we’ll talk about who you can count on to be a reliable and transparent partner in your siding project.

What Does a Professional Siding Installation Process Look Like?

Each company will conduct its operations differently, but here’s what you can expect when getting service from Fairway Exteriors.

Talk To A Live Person

The first thing you can expect when calling us is that you’ll be routed to a real person who can help you get the information or answers you need. If you’re calling about scheduling service, you can count on getting a call back from one of our project crew leads within a day, but often within an hour.

During this call, we’ll be able to have a conversation with the homeowner about their needs and wants, and how we can best help them. In many cases, there is a need for a project estimate, in which case we’ll schedule that visit at this time.

Our Expert Comes Out

On the date you choose, at a time that you pick, one of our siding experts will come out to your home and begin the estimation process. This process will require that the siding professional walk the full outside of the home, and will result in a detailed estimate. You will have visibility into where every penny of that estimate comes from and will include any notes or input you add.

In the end, you will discuss all of the custom design options that are available for your chosen product. You will receive a detailed estimate that is good for a longer period. No matter what products are being used the homeowners will still face zero pressure to sign anything.

Continuing The Siding Installation Process

Before the installation actually happens we’ll take care of all the preparations. If you live in an area that requires permits, you won’t need to worry about any of that, as we’ll handle it all. We’ll also discuss with you where you want the materials delivered since there will often be several pallets of materials needed for the siding job. Finally, we’ll make sure we have a place to park the dumpster, so we can keep your property pristine.

On The Day Of Siding Installation

The day of installation will often be a very busy day, possibly even two. Our crew will start by ensuring that all of the old siding is removed safely and effectively. Once the old siding is out of the way, we can fully evaluate and treat any wood rot. Once rot has been addressed and treated, we’ll wrap the house in a house wrap product like Hardie Wrap, and will tape up all seams. Then and only then, is your home ready for a siding installation.

To Get The Ball Rolling On Your New Siding

Now that you know a little more about our siding installation process, reach out to get your estimate scheduled and start your siding project today.

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