What Siding Colors & Types Are Popular in the Market?

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Getting new siding is an enormous investment in your home, and one of the most challenging parts of getting new siding is figuring out what are the ideal siding colors and types from the wide range available. There are ways to make this easier, however, and we’re going to get into a few of them here. One of the ways that James Hardie makes this easier is by sticking with timeless colors that are universally relevant.

What Siding Colors & Types Are Popular in the Market

Cedar Lap Siding Is A KC Standard

The most popular style of siding in the Kansas City area, by far, is a standard 7-inch cedar lap siding product. This gives a look that is not only relevant but beautiful, and representative of the regional abundance of cedars, which have been used for traditional wood lap siding for generations. There are variations and completely different styles from Hardie, but this is definitely the most locally popular.

Timeless Colors Are Best

Homeowners often want to know what’s popular now, what the current trend is, and so on. The biggest problem with this is that they often forget that you’ll have your siding for many years, 30 or more in the case of leading fiber cement products like James Hardie. This means what’s popular now isn’t as important to consider, in many cases, as what’s going to be popular in 20 or 30 years.

James Hardie’s Variety

The 18 colors selected for the current James Hardie lineup are not only popular, but they are timeless. The palate was put together by a former color expert at Crayola and Pottery Barn and has many elements that will be great today and will look great a generation from now.


Grays are one of the most popular colors and are a more popular neutral tone than many of the beige and off-whites that you may see in other materials. They can coordinate with almost any other color scheme, and will be popular for decades to come.


Blues are another color group that is popular as well as timeless and are a bolder option for coordinating and contrasting with other colors. They are used often in lighter tones, but deeper blues are popular as well for trim.


The most popular of all will likely always be white. It goes with anything and everything, and it provides a classic yet modern look that can help to add a solid accent or act as the main color. White siding is the farmhouse tradition, but it goes beyond that to a level of versatility that most other colors simply don’t have.

White Trim

White trim is one of the few things that homeowners in the KC area like in an on-again-off-again style. White trim provides a noticeable “pop” in contrast to other colors and is used frequently to provide a high-contrast visual break between parts of the house. White trim should be used sparingly, however, since too much of it can ruin a look and create a “gridded” appearance on the house.

For More Information About Siding Color Availability

James Hardie really makes picking out the right colors simple by having a diverse palate of 18 colors to choose from when building your house’s siding look. If you feel it might be time to browse the colors and start planning a siding project, reach out for current siding colors and scheduling.

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