What to Expect During a Siding Replacement Project

What to Expect During a Siding Replacement Project

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One thing you need to know about a siding replacement project is that it is a lot of work. The time it takes will largely depend on the type of siding you are getting, how long it takes to remove the old siding, the weather, and the size of your home.

The more you know the better prepared you can be. You want the project to go smoothly and timely. However, you should expect the siding replacement project to take anywhere from 10 days to two weeks.

What to Expect During a Siding Replacement Project

There are several things you can do to prepare for your siding replacement project. The more you can do ahead of time will help the crew a lot.

Make Room

Get everything that is sitting around beside the hose moved away. Toys, bikes, furniture, potted plants, and gardening equipment. Tie or trim back your trees or bushes to avoid them getting damaged and in the way of the work.

You may want to take pictures off the wall inside, as well. There could be a lot of pounding and the walls may shake. Move anything breakable away from the walls.

There will be a dumpster brought in so make sure you have space for it. The closer it can get to the house, the less debris there will be later on in your yard. Keep your vehicles off the driveway.

Removal of Old Siding

Before anything can happen, the old siding has to come off. This will be loud and messy, so be prepared for that. This will all go in the dumpster or a large dump truck. The crew will take care of everything.


Once the old siding is off, the contractor will inspect your walls for damage. The walls need to be able to hold the new siding. They will let you know if there are any damages and they can take care of the repairs.

There could be any number of issues underneath your old siding. Rot, pests, moisture damage, asbestos, or the sheathing may be damaged. They will let you know what is going on and if there will be any additional cost.

Siding Installation

Once everything is taken care of, the new siding can go up. The time on this can vary, due to weather, the size of your house, and the type of siding you are getting.

Fiber cement siding takes longer, as it is heavier and needs heavier tools. You can expect there to be cutting and shaping the siding to make sure it all fits perfectly on your house.

Clean Up

The team will take care of the cleaning up. They will haul off your old siding and make sure everything is as it should be, including using a magnet to find nails in your grass.

There may also be a lot of dust that gets inside your home, so be prepared for that. It can be in the air, on your clothes, and tracked in on your shoes.

Siding Replacement Project

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