Why Fiberglass Windows are a Great Choice for Your Kansas City Window Replacement

Why Fiberglass Windows are a Great Choice for Your Kansas City Window Replacement

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If you are in need of some new windows, fiberglass windows are a great option. It is gaining popularity more and more every year people discover the benefits over wood or vinyl.

Fiberglass is used for many many things, not just windows. It’s affordable, flexible, and widely available. There are plenty of reasons why you should consider fiberglass windows for your window replacement.

Why Fiberglass Windows are a Great Choice for Your Kansas City Window Replacement

With plenty of options available when it comes to windows, it can be difficult to know which will be the best choice.


What are the biggest advantages of fiberglass windows is that they are very strong. They can hold up to all kinds of severe weather, impact from storms, and will last a long time.

They’re much stronger than vinyl and they will last a lot longer than vinyl or wood. Fiberglass windows are much more resilient against anything that you can throw at them and you can expect them to last your entire lifetime.

Energy Efficient

They are so popular because of their energy efficiency. They hold their own in all kinds of weather making sure no heat or cold can’t get in or out. Fiberglass doesn’t contract or expand so they hold fast for many many years.

But,  these frames don’t just save you a few dollars every month on your energy bill. They allow the room to be a lot more comfortable as well. This means you let you use less heat or air conditioning to keep the room comfortable.

Weather Resistant

Your fiberglass windows will resist all types of weather. The fiberglass won’t rot, warp, rust, fade, or leak. That’s great news for those living in areas that experience all types of weather, sometimes all on the same day.

Weather is one of the harshest things our windows are exposed to. Many other types of materials just don’t hold up as well or for nearly as long. They hold their shape, size, and hold it fast.

Design Flexibility

Another reason people are choosing fiberglass windows is that there are so many options regarding design. Because they’re so strong they will hold extremely large windows or oddly shaped windows or any kind of window you can dream up.

That’s good news for people who have unique and original ideas for their windows. Go extra large for that spectacular view without worrying that the windows won’t hold.


While fiberglass windows are not the least expensive choice, they are certainly worth their price when it comes to benefits. The savings on your energy bill, the peace of mind, and the fact that these windows will last for many years make them a worthy investment.

They look great and are very low maintenance, which needs to be factored in. Plus, they are not as expensive as other types of materials available, like wood, but last much longer.

Why Fiberglass Windows are a Great Choice for Your Kansas City Window Replacement

With all of that and the options of color, style, and size, there is no reason not to consider using fiberglass windows for your new window replacements. You can paint fiberglass to match anything you like around the home.

Because they are thin, you can also have fiberglass frames covered with wood to achieve the look you want without the cost and maintenance. If you need more information, please contact us here at Fairway Exteriors.

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