Why We Wrote a Book for KC Area Homeowners

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There are so many siding contractors out there these days that we wanted to do something to set us apart from the crowd, so we wrote a book about what the siding process is like and what KC homeowners can expect from reliable and professional contractors. Here are two big reasons that we decided to publish a book, and some additional details about what you can find in it.

There Was A Need To Educate Homeowners

The first reason that we wanted to put a book out was to create a resource for homeowners that can be used to educate them about the siding process and what can be expected. There are too many contractors out there that will take a deposit and be off the radar for months, and that’s just not how things should work. Below are a few things that we discuss in the book, and why they’re important.


Siding replacement can be a complex process, and we’ll show you how to set appropriate expectations for contractor communication and issue resolution.

Bid Accuracy

Too many contractors will come out and give you a bid with almost no details in it, just some basic measurements and a price. You have the right to a transparent estimate, and if you aren’t getting one, move on to another contractor.

Contract Details

A big thing in contracting is the details in the actual contract, and many people skip right over them. What happens with cost overruns? What’s the timetable for the project? Who’s responsible for cleanup and hauling? These are all important points to make sure are covered in your contract.

KC Area Homeowners: It’s Something Tangible To Look At

The other reason we wanted to make a book is that we wanted something tangible that you, as the homeowner, can keep and look back at as reference material for your siding or other exterior contracting projects. Here are some reasons that can be useful in your ongoing exterior projects.

Our Book Demonstrates Fairway’s Knowledge

First and foremost, our book demonstrates our vast industry knowledge and gives you priceless information on the overall process of having your siding repaired or replaced. It is an extensive process and there is a lot to keep in mind, and our book can help you keep track of it all.

It Sets Appropriate Expectations For The Homeowner

Performing exterior upgrades can be a complex and even stressful event, and many contractors don’t make any effort to change that. Our book shows you what you should be able to reasonably expect as a homeowner, in terms of communication, scheduling, design process, and more. We cover the whole process, from estimate to clean up.

Design Options

One thing often neglected by many contractors is a detailed design process. In our book, we discuss how to navigate the design and aesthetics of new siding, and how to create a cohesive look.

Help With Choosing The Right Contractor & Homeowner Empowerment

One of the big things we wanted to do with our book is to empower you to hold appropriate expectations regarding your contractor and the service they provide. We’ll help you find, vet, and work with the right contractor for your job.

KC Area Homeowners: Fairway Exteriors Is Ready To Be Your Siding Partner

If you have been thinking about new siding or any other exterior upgrades, reach out today to discuss your project needs with a member of our expert local siding team. Whether you have questions about siding materials or need to know how to tell if your home is ready for new siding, we’re here to help you keep your Kansas City home well-protected and looking great.

Scott Neidow

Scott Neidow


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