5 Signs Your Kansas City Home is Due for Exterior Remodeling

Exterior Remodeling

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Not sure what the signs your Kansas City home needs exterior remodeling are, or when you should call upon expert assistance? You’ve come to the right place. No matter what siding material you choose or how well you take care of your home, you’ll eventually need some maintenance done on your house siding.

The right maintenance or replacement can boost your home’s curb appeal and let you take pride in your house for years to come. Here’s what you should check for when doing an outdoor examination or inspecting your siding from time to time.

Peeling Paint/Wallpaper

First, check for any peeling paint or wallpaper. For example, if you have vinyl siding painted a specific color, peeling paint could indicate that there’s a lot of moisture building up within the vinyl panels or cracks. This, in turn, could compromise the siding’s durability and insulation for your home, which may lead to long-term issues.

Peeling paint and/or wallpaper indicates you need to replace siding or get any cracks filled in with a caulking gun. Fairway Exteriors can help with both of these efforts and more.

Your Kansas City Home is Due for Exterior Remodeling: Higher AC/Heating Bills

As spring gives way to summer, you might notice that you have higher AC bills. Alternatively, if you have high heating bills in the winter, it could indicate that your siding has serious cracks or structural issues. These issues may be letting hot or cold air out of your home, increasing your utility bills as a result.

Rotting or Warping Siding

Alternatively, you might notice rotting or warped siding. Warped siding is easily spotted; just take a walk around your home, inspecting siding panels all the while. If you notice that a siding panel looks out of shape, or like there’s a bubble underneath one of the panel’s surfaces, it could indicate warping.

Rotting siding is also easy to notice. It’s characterized by cracks in your siding boards or chips that easily peel off. Rotting siding often occurs as a result of water damage or pest infestations (see more below). In either case, rotting or warped siding should be replaced ASAP, preferably with a durable alternative like James Hardie fiber cement siding.

Dated Kansas City Garage Doors, Entry Doors & Windows

We’ve all seen old or dated Kansas City garage doors look old, cheap or dated.  And the designs and styles of front entry doors have come a long way.  Finally, older window style can also make a house look dated.  While grid style windows can be timeless, many Kansas City home owners are opting for gridless or hybrid grid style replacement windows.

Your Kansas City Home is Due for Exterior Remodeling: Pest Infestations

Or you may notice new or more pest infestations than you had before. For example, Kansas City is home to lots of different species of termites. Depending on the siding material you choose, those termites could find your siding boards to be excellent places to nest.

So if you notice a lot of termites, ants, or other pests, have an expert come out and take a look at your house siding. Those pests could be burrowing in between siding panels or within narrow cracks that crop up because of moisture damage.

Mold or Moisture Stains

Speaking of moisture damage, don’t forget to look for mold or moisture stains specifically. Moisture stains look like gray streaks or spots on your siding boards. Mold may also be present, as this fungus likes to grow in narrow, dark places like the cracks between siding panels. Mold to be taken care of ASAP, as it can become a health hazard for you and your family.

See Signs Your Kansas City Home is Due for Remodeling? Contact Fairway Exteriors

If you notice any or all of these signs, contact Fairway Exteriors right away. As licensed James Hardie fiber cement siding experts, we’re well-equipped and ready to help you replace your siding or help with any other exterior remodeling project, including repairing or replacing windows and front doors. Contact us today if you want more information about signs that your Kansas City home needs exterior remodeling assistance.

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