Comparing Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Replacement Windows

Comparing Wood, Fiberglass, and Vinyl Replacement Windows

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When the time comes to replace your windows, you’ll need to know how to compare wood, fiberglass, and vinyl replacement windows. That way, you’ll know which window material is right for your house, your budget, and your other needs.

Not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. Below, you’ll find a breakdown of the benefits and downsides of each window material type. By the end, you’ll know which to select and how to contact contracting experts for help picking the right replacement windows for your Kansas City house.

Wood Replacement Windows

Wood replacement windows are common and popular choices, and for good reason; they look and feel great! Natural wood replacement windows fit very well with practically any home style, age, or aesthetic preferences.

However, wood replacement windows do have several downsides:

  • They are sensitive to moisture and sun damage, so you have to check on them and maintain them regularly. They may need additional coatings to protect them from warping or water stains
  • They are sensitive to pest damage, especially termites (which are a problem for some Kansas City homeowners)
  • They are generally more expensive than other replacement window types. Because of this, you may only be able to replace some of your windows with wood rather than all of them

Still, wood replacement windows could be right for you. Contact Fairway Exteriors for more information about replacement wood windows.

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

Alternatively, you can go with fiberglass replacement windows. Fiberglass windows are made of synthetic fiberglass materials, oftentimes with foam cores. These cores can help insulate your house and prevent hot or cold air from getting in or out depending on the season.

In addition, fiberglass replacement windows are usually affordable and durable. They resist water, heat, and sun damage very well, and they don’t dent very easily. They aren’t the cheapest replacement windows available, but they are still well within the budget for lots of Kansas City homeowners.

On top of that, fiberglass windows can be painted or styled in a variety of ways. Once painted, fiberglass windows retain their color for years on end, making them some of the greatest choices for long-term replacement window durability.

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl replacing windows is usually the cheapest for Kansas City homeowners. So if you need to replace a lot of windows on a budget, vinyl could be the right material for you!

But vinyl is also a good material due to its flexibility. It can be painted in lots of different colors and is reasonably durable even if it isn’t quite as tough as fiberglass. Furthermore, vinyl replacement windows are resistant to sun damage, though they do suffer from sun damage if they are exposed to direct sunlight often. So they may also need additional coatings or maintenance work to ensure they retain their seals and durability over the long term.

Which Should You Choose?

So, which should you choose: wood, fiberglass, or vinyl replacement windows? In truth, any of these replacement window types could be right for your house.

Even better, licensed contractors like Fairway Exteriors can install any of these replacement window types as soon as you give us a call. In fact, we’ve helped Kansas City homeowners just like you replace the windows of their houses for several years. We’ve seen it all and know exactly how to install replacement windows of many sizes and materials.

Why wait? Contact Fairway Exteriors today to replace your windows, or give us a call for more assistance comparing wood, fiberglass, and vinyl replacement windows plus budget estimates.

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