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What are Fairway siding Considerations for Homeowners?

Fairway siding considerations range from topography to animal-based issues. Understanding all these issues from the beginning will benefit you.

Read on to learn more about the siding installation process in Fairway.

Unique Considerations for Homes in Fairway

One of the things that make Fairway stand out is its status as a small town. The topography and unique shopping areas that attract many to this area draw a lot of comparisons to San Francisco. The unique architecture is very common in this city.

Many of the homes in this city are older and have typically been built with distinctive styles. Although cookie-cutter homes that look alike are not common in this city, there are issues that are typical of the area, regardless.

One of the most common issues with homes in the area is the use of wood shingles. Although this is a popular aesthetic look, one of the problems often associated with this look is that it is hard to see whether there’s any damage behind the shingles. Wall rebuilds are sometimes necessary.

Walls that aren’t level or constructed only with slats sometimes come up as an issue in Fairway, particularly in older homes. Because of the topography, flooding is a potential issue, so all siding requires proper drainage. Other issues, because of the popular use of wood exteriors, include insects and woodpeckers who end up creating large holes that may lead to serious damage.

What Codes or Requirements Apply to Fairway Siding?

Fairway siding jobs require building permits. In addition to the permits being required, the work must comply with residential zoning standards. Although the primary responsibility for getting the permits rests with the homeowner, the contractor is allowed to apply for the permit.

Permit applications can be completed in person or by email. The city recommends applying for the permit remotely, if possible. The entire application must be completed, including the Total Construction Value. Otherwise, you might run into delays in getting your project completed.

Once the building permit has been approved, payment is necessary. You can make the payment for the permit in person at City Hall or by phone. The permit card must be posted at the property during the entire job, otherwise, you are risking fines and having the project ordered stopped.

This permitting process protects your home and family, as well as the neighborhood and property values. The work completed will be safer and in compliance with environmental standards. You’ll also be able to sell your property a lot more easily when repairs have been completed according to building codes.

Advice for Homeowners Getting Fairway Siding Installed

Before you begin your siding project, it is a good idea to contact City Hall about any projects that you are completing. In addition to knowing all the requirements, you’ll benefit from knowing who you need to contact in the event of a problem that needs to be resolved. Although situations, where you need to contact somebody about a job very urgently, are rare, it is helpful to know who to contact just the same.

Although not as common, there are sometimes situations where you appoint someone besides yourself or the contractor as an authorized agent who can fill out the permit. Examples might include another family member or a friend. When you use this option, it’s important to make sure you can absolutely trust this person with providing accurate information.

You’ll want to make sure the contractor has a plan for addressing drainage from your home. When contractors don’t address these issues, there are likely to be more problems with water getting behind the siding and causing damage. The best contractors know how to address everything properly.

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