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What are Leawood Siding Considerations for Homeowners?

Leawood siding requires careful consideration, given the range in ages for properties. When you combine the varying age ranges of the houses with the permitting process unique to the city, there are plenty of things to consider.

Read on to learn more about what is involved with siding jobs in Leawood.

What Are Unique Characteristics in Leawood Homes?

Leawood is a city where the neighborhood makes a substantial difference in the home’s age and style. South Leawood, for example, features a lot of newer homes. In neighborhoods with newer homes, curbside appeal is especially important.

One problem often seen in neighborhoods with newer homes is walls that were never properly leveled. This has often occurred when builders wanted to save a few thousand dollars and cut corners, resulting in uneven walls.

Level walls are crucial to preventing water damage. In addition to the walls being level, the siding also needs to be installed to enable better drainage. Making sure the water drains properly helps prevent the need for a lot of more costly repairs.

Many homes elsewhere in Leawood feature brown and beige shades that homeowners are looking to move from. The cost of repainting houses is high enough that siding is often a more economical alternative. Getting the right siding provides a fresh new look.

However, with older homes constructed between the 1940s and 60s, there is a lot more detail that requires extra care when replacing or repairing siding. Many of the elements used on exteriors from this era are no longer manufactured, so custom orders are often necessary.

Leawood Siding Considerations for Local Codes

One of the most important Leawood siding considerations is that permits from Johnson County are required for all these jobs. The contractor performing the work must also have a license as a residential contractor.

If a contractor is doing a siding job without a permit and the city discovers it, they have the authority to halt the project. Getting a permit is a process that often takes months, so you will avoid this situation most easily by making sure your chosen contractor has the permit before beginning work.

The city will perform an inspection as part of the siding installation process. At the very least, a failed inspection can set you back a couple of days. Weather and other unexpected events may also delay things even further, which makes ensuring your contractor has the right permits more important.

Tips for Homeowners While Getting Siding Installed

Homeowners who have decided to get siding installed will benefit from starting the process as early as possible to prevent any delays. Although some think of getting a permit as something done in hours or days, this is not a realistic expectation.

In most cases, the permit process needs to be thought of in terms of months. Starting to plan in advance is always preferable to waiting until the last minute. An important part of your planning will include making sure the contractor that you want to work with is up to standards.

Checking out contractors to make sure their license is in order is one of the best ways to protect your home. Any improvements that you make to your home are vitally important investments. Using the wrong person for this type of job threatens your home’s overall quality.

One problem that some Leawood homeowners have dealt with is using contractors who lacked the necessary licensing and permits and were discovered during a city inspection. In addition to causing needless, frustrating delays, using unlicensed contractors can also cause high expenses in the form of citations and having to have the work picked up by someone else for completion.

Using Fairway Exteriors is a great way to ensure the job goes well. Contact us today to find out what we can do for your Leawood siding.

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