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What are Overland Park Siding Considerations for Homeowners?

Overland Park siding considerations influence the decisions that you make when you decide to have new siding put on your home. When you use some good planning in the beginning, everything will work out well.

Read on to learn more about special considerations for getting siding in Overland Park.

What Are Some Home Characteristics in Overland Park to Be Aware Of?

Houses in Overland Park feature mostly wood construction. The area is host to a large woodpecker population, and the birds’ activities may cause damage to the wood exteriors. Although the holes may seem small at a first glance, the holes are often deep and capable of causing damage requiring new siding.

Water damage, whether due to a major plumbing leak or damage from rain or snow storms, may also cause problems requiring siding replacement. Wood rot is a very real threat when the water has leaked underneath the siding. In many cases, nobody is aware of the extent of the damage until the original siding has been pulled off.

Many homes feature beige and brown shades, which homeowners often want to upgrade. Homeowners may want their homes to have a different look that’s more contemporary, especially where blue and gray shades have seen a major resurgence. This may be one of the leading reasons for a siding upgrade.

Local Code Requirements for Overland Park Siding

Overland Park siding must conform to local city codes, as well as HOA requirements where applicable. Choosing new siding is always an important decision that requires proper care to meet the local city requirements.

One of the reasons the siding is so important in this area is to help preserve the overall look of the houses. Many homeowners buy houses in this city because of the overall quality. The code requirements are designed to help preserve this quality as much as possible.

Overland Park has somewhat strict requirements about the materials that may be used for siding. These requirements help keep the home values high by ensuring that professionals only use quality siding products. The individual HOAs will also have requirements that may determine which materials are used or what colors you can use for your siding.

Checking with the city, as well as the HOA for your subdivision, is usually the safest bet. When you’re aware of any requirements that either or both entities have, you can make the better choice for siding.

What are Tips and Advice to Keep in Mind for Siding?

Overland Park follows the 2012 International Building Code for siding and related materials citywide. Acceptable materials include wood, fiber cement, vinyl, and aluminum, providing a lot of options to keep in mind.

However, for many in this city, the local neighborhood HOA will have the final say in what you may or may not use for materials. Checking with the HOA before making a final decision on the siding that you want is always a great idea to avoid difficulties with your HOA.

Part of the code that pertains to siding stipulates a certain thickness level. The material, regardless of the type, must also be weatherproof. Weatherproofing helps prevent a lot of the wood rot that can occur because of heavy rain or snow.

The siding must include flashing and allow for water drainage to help keep moisture from building up underneath, which leads to wood rot. When your siding has better weather protection, you won’t have to worry nearly as much about a lot of pricy repairs. Better installation methods will mean more routine maintenance and fewer repairs.

Adding new or upgraded siding to your home in Overland Park requires some careful consideration. However, using a company like Fairway Exteriors makes the process work better for all. Contact us today to see how our professionals can give you the siding that you want for your home as you consider Overland Park siding choices.

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