What If I Want a Change & How Do I Submit a Siding Change Order?

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Even after plenty of deliberation, when you think you’ve found the perfect color and style of siding and have submitted the order, you may change your mind and a siding change order may be needed. While this may sound serious, in many cases it can be handled very easily. In other cases, however, the changes are much harder to deal with without significant extra expense.

We’re going to take a look at these situations, and when a siding change order can be absorbed with relatively little hassle. We’re also going to look at the other side of that coin, and examine some situations where a change might not be possible without submitting a new order and dealing with the extra expense. Here’s everything you need to know about changes to your siding order.

A Siding Change Order Can Be Simple

First of all, we’ll set your mind at ease. There are many situations where changing your siding order will be relatively simple. These situations will almost always involve siding styles and colors that are part of the standard offering lineup from a manufacturer.

If the homeowner is getting James Hardie fiber cement siding, for example, Hardie has a wide range of standard color options that don’t require any custom coloring or other special manufacturing requirements. If the original order involved one of those siding products, returning them for another standard option will be a relatively easy task. The same cannot be said for trying to exchange many of the custom materials.

Some Changes Aren’t So Easy

Now that you know a siding change order for relatively common siding stock is no problem, you should also know that there are some things that can’t be changed nearly as easily. This may have a significant effect on those who have built a cohesive look across multiple exterior remodeling projects. Take a look.


Gutters are one of the few things that are incredibly difficult to change orders on, due mostly to how customized the installations are. Gutter material is ordered in large coils, and is measured, cut, and formed to meet the exact needs of your home. If you have ordered custom gutters and downspouts, changing your mind on something like color can mean you need to purchase a new order of material.

Custom Hardie Colors

Even when homeowners choose James Hardie, it doesn’t mean that anything goes in regard to returns or exchanges. When orders are built around custom colors, in many cases those orders cannot be changed, particularly once they go into the manufacturing stage. Since the colors are custom mixed and added to the materials in production, they generally cannot be returned or canceled, unless it is shortly after order submission.


Windows are another category where changes to original orders may not be possible once the window enters production. All windows are created and assembled on a custom basis, so they may not be able to be returned without significant expense.

Fairway Exteriors Makes Siding Change Order Easy

When you partner with Fairway Exteriors, you bring on an experienced local company that has many years of experience serving local individuals and families. We are proud to be James Hardie-certified installation partners and are driven to make sure you are as happy as possible with the results of your project. Reach out today to speak to one of our siding experts to get started.

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