What is an Exterior Siding Punchlist & Walkthrough?

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Homeowners in the KC area that have gotten new exterior siding have likely been through the punchlist and walkthrough process before, but many newer homeowners haven’t yet had the opportunity. The punchlist is a list of jobs or tasks that both the homeowner and the siding contractor agree in advance need to be addressed before the job can be considered complete. This sounds easy enough, but when you don’t use the right contractor, it can be a significant challenge.

We’re going to talk more about what a punchlist is and how they are best accomplished. We’ll also cover some of the items that are frequently part of the punchlist, and how they can be a factor in the progress of your project. In the end, we’ll talk about where you can turn if you need a contractor that can manage a punchlist effectively and efficiently.

What is an Exterior Siding Punchlist?

An exterior siding punchlist is a list of things that the homeowner or the contractor agrees are going to be completed along with the actual siding job. This can be any number of other exterior remodeling tasks but these are common things that are easier to accomplish when the siding has been removed.

In many cases, the punchlist can be simple enough, but when your contractor doesn’t effectively communicate with you it can create problems and time overruns. It happens more than you might think, where a homeowner assumes everything is on track, but then just two days before the project is supposed to be done they notice that some major items, like installing new windows, haven’t even been started.

The punchlist can also become a problem if the homeowner points out some issue, and the contractor fails to fix it in an appropriate manner. Think bandage on a broken leg. This brings their entire work ethic into question and can have the homeowner second-guessing their entire remodel.

The best way to avoid these hassles is to use a competent, local expert in the siding industry. Fairway Exteriors has been serving KC area homes for years, and we aren’t happy until you’re happy.

Common Exterior Siding Punchlist Items

Here are some of the common items on an exterior siding punchlist:

  • Painting existing components
  • Installing or upgrading exterior lighting systems
  • Installing upgraded windows
  • Installing a new entry door
  • Repainting or upgrading gutters

What is a Walkthrough?

Walkthroughs are where the homeowner and the contractor walk around the home to examine the progress and the state of the project. They are opportunities for the homeowner to ask any questions or point out issues.

Progress Walkthrough

The progress walkthroughs are meant to give the homeowner a chance to see the progress and to be updated on any complications. There may only be one or two walkthroughs before the final walkthrough.

Final Walkthrough

During the final walkthrough, all items should be completed, and the homeowner is able to take in the entire project. This is the most important walkthrough because at this stage there should not be anything else on the punchlist left to complete.

We Want Your Input

While we’ll find issues on our own most of the time, if you see something that doesn’t look right, point it out. We’ll make sure it’s handled.

Fairway Will Make Sure Your Needs Are Met

If you have any questions about what might be on your exterior siding punchlist, you can reach out to Fairway Exteriors at any time to speak with one of our many local experts.

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