What Is the ROI for a Re-Side and Can I Get Financing for Home Siding?

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One of the most significant exterior upgrades that a homeowner can make to their home is new siding, but many people wonder if some or even all of the cost can be mitigated with financing for home siding. Additionally, it is often asked what the return on investment, the ROI, is for a re-side, and if it’s a solid financial decision.

To the surprise of many, the short answer to both is often a yes. Many factors can influence this, however, and neither issue is simple. We’re going to take a look at siding as an investment, and what you can expect from a leading siding company regarding financing availability. In the end, if you need the help of a local siding expert, we’ll point you in the right direction.

Can I Get Financing For Home Siding?

Financing for home siding is incredibly common, and while some siding installers don’t offer it, there are many who will. Let’s take a look at the details.

Common Financing Plans

Many siding installers will have similar terms, but at Fairway Exteriors we’ll finance your siding installation for 18 months, the same as cash. This means that you are able to finance the whole cost of your siding project, and provided it is paid off in 18 months, there will be no additional interest charges. This is perfect for homeowners that might be waiting for the right time of year and can create significant versatility with the siding.

Check Discount

Another popular method of payment is to pay by check. Any check payments that are made for projects will receive a special check payment discount. This is Fairway’s way of saying thank you.

Split Payments

One of the most popular ways to pay for a project is to pay with a split payment. This simply means that the homeowners pay for a portion of the installation in cash or check, and have the rest financed. This is a common occurrence when the homeowner has a set budget but wants to make sure they have the exact installation they want. In some cases, it’s as little as financing the last $4k-$6k of the project to make sure the homeowner will be happy for decades.

What Is the ROI for a Re-Side?

New siding on a home is considered a “medium upgrade”, and is on par with having a kitchen or bathroom remodeled, in terms of project scale. Those who are looking into new siding, but who also may be selling the home in the next few years are often wondering if buying James Hardie siding is worth it from an investment standpoint.

While the ROI for a kitchen or bath upgrade is often going to be near the 50% mark, those who elect to re-side with James Hardie can often recover as much as 75% of the initial investment of the siding. One of the biggest reasons for this is that just about every potential homebuyer can place value in siding. Siding tends to be much more impersonal than a kitchen or bathroom for example and has curb appeal to a much wider pool of potential buyers.

Fairway Exteriors Can Help You Get The Best ROI for a Re-Side

If you feel the time is right to get new siding, but you need financing for home siding, or if you have any questions about installation costs for your investment projections, reach out to Fairway today.

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