What Makes James Hardie Siding the Best?

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Homes in the Kansas City area are looked at by homeowners as an incredibly valuable investment, and it is becoming more widely acknowledged that one of the best ways to protect that investment is cladding it in James Hardie siding. There are still so many homeowners that are uninformed about Hardie, however, and who may not even know about the product. We’re going to dig into the top reasons why James Hardie Siding is ideal for KC homes.

Why James Hardie Is The Best

This list is far from exhaustive, but it should give you a good idea of what you can expect from an installation of James Hardie.

Perfect For Our Climate

The top reason why Hardie’s popularity is growing so quickly in the KC area specifically, is that it is simply the perfect material for our climate. While we don’t necessarily spend months in constant sub-zero temps, we do get some significant cold snaps in the winter. Additionally, KC summers can have incredible heat sometimes, which can be damaging to materials like vinyl, but not fiber cement. James Hardie is able to keep up with all of it, from the periodic downpours to the snow and ice, and even the occasional hail storm.

Impervious To Rot

Fiber cement is nearly immune to moisture-related troubles like rot, swelling, and warping. This puts it way ahead of materials like wood and even engineered wood, in terms of durability and post-installation maintenance requirements.

Immune To Woodpeckers & Pests

A big issue for many homeowners in the KC area is the presence of woodpeckers. While these ornithological beauties are part of our state’s diverse wildlife, they can also impose considerable repair needs on homeowners whose natural siding they damage. Once attracted, they are also incredibly hard to dissuade from their percussive nuisance. However, James Hardie siding has little to offer them, or similar pests who seek natural wood, so they quickly move on.

Beautiful Appearance

Many KC homeowners take pride in choosing James Hardie siding because of its beautiful and unique appearance. It is five times thicker than vinyl, allowing for a more authentic wood-grain look from the deeper grooves it contains. With its traditional look and charm, James Hardie siding is a fantastic choice for historic homes. It can make your home look brand new and bring back its historical beauty.

James Hardie Constantly Researches Improvements

James Hardie isn’t a new company, they have been around for more than 100 years. One of the biggest reasons they are able to stay revolutionary in the fiber cement industry is the money they invest every year in research and development. They are constantly researching things like how to make their products more durable, and how to make their factory paint last even longer.

Warranty Coverage

The James Hardie company offers a 30-year non-prorated warranty that is also fully transferable. They are known for being incredibly easy to deal with when pursuing warranty claims, and will often go the extra mile to ensure the homeowner is taken care of.

Repainting Is An Option

A benefit offered by James Hardie siding but very few other materials is that it is able to be repainted. In some cases, after about 20 years, the paint will need to be refreshed due to the natural effects of weathering. The nature of the fiber cement material means that homeowners are able to repaint the siding, which is not a possibility on siding materials like vinyl, steel, and manufactured wood.

Fairway Can Be Your Trusted Siding Partner

No matter what siding material you feel is best for your next exterior upgrade, Fairway Exteriors can help you accomplish your goals and realize your vision. For more information on James Hardie siding, or to schedule your free siding estimate, reach out and speak with a trusted local expert who can answer any questions you may have.

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