What Questions Should You Ask a Kansas City Siding Company Before Signing a Contract?

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Homeowners that are considering getting new siding on their homes are taking on a significant exterior remodeling project, and making sure the right Kansas City siding company is hired is a vital part of getting the job done right. Not only that, but since the home siding is meant to last for decades, it’s important that the company be able to handle any warranty claims or other complaints that should arise from the installation.

There are a ton of siding companies in the KC area, however, and finding the right one for your project can feel intimidating. The best thing to do is get a list of questions together that you can ask the contractors as you’re interviewing them, to quickly eliminate unqualified or unprofessional companies. Here are some of the questions you should be asking your potential siding contractor.

What Questions Should You Ask a Kansas City Siding Company Before Signing a Contract?

Are You Licensed & Insured?

The very first thing you should ask any potential contractor or remodeling company is whether or not they are licensed and insured, and request proof of both. It might surprise many homeowners, but there are countless unscrupulous people that will take money from people under the guise of a siding project, and aren’t even licensed to do so by local authorities. The proof of insurance should cover liability and workers’ compensation, so you are protected in case something happens during the project.

Can You Itemize Everything?

If your contractor becomes hesitant about itemizing everything in the bid or estimate, it could be a potentially huge red flag for that contractor. No matter what your project is, you simply can’t trust the estimate of material and labor costs if they aren’t itemized, there is too much room for error.

Check Reviews & Online Reputation

Home siding is one of the many businesses in which word of mouth is incredibly important, and if your potential company has a surplus of negative sentiment online, chances are good that they have earned that reputation. It’s not hard to go the extra mile to make sure homeowners are satisfied.

Who Will Manage The Project?

Project management will be very important to finish your siding project within the quoted timeframe. Ask who your project manager will be, and what their qualifications are.

What Happens When Issues Come Up?

Make sure there is a clear channel to communicate project issues, such as unforeseen damage or other updates. In some cases, there may be major developments regarding your project, but without an experienced project manager, those developments can cost money and time if not handled immediately.

How Many Projects They’ve Done

Ask how busy they generally are, and how many projects they’ve completed in the past year. This can give you an idea of how in-demand the company is.

How Familiar Are You With This Project?

Your contractor should be experienced, not only in the industry but also with projects very similar to your own. Are they experienced with putting a certain type of fiber cement siding on homes built within 5 or 10 years of yours, and in the same architectural style?

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