Is Your Home Ready for New Siding?

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Homeownership can be complicated sometimes, and while the need for some repairs may become obvious quickly, a burst pipe, for example, knowing when your home might be ready for new siding can be a little more challenging. We’re going to take a look at several signs that you can look for in your home that may indicate it’s time to call a siding contractor. We’ll also go over a few ways that new siding can benefit your home.

How Can You Tell Your Home Is Ready For New Siding?

Woodpecker Damage

A major concern for homeowners in the Kansas City area is the local wildlife, such as woodpeckers, and to a lesser extent, squirrels. One major sign that it may be time for the new siding is that you have been battling the woodpeckers, and losing. Developing holes in the siding material allows water to infiltrate behind the siding, and begin damaging the exterior walls of the home. Squirrels also can take their toll on natural siding and can cause an increased need for maintenance and repairs.


The KC area is no stranger to significant rainfall and storms, and over the years those can take a considerable toll on siding, even siding that isn’t natural and is manufactured. Wind and UV exposure can degrade the protective abilities of the siding product, and eventually, water and the freeze-thaw cycle can damage it further. Natural materials can face the constant threat of water and pests, both causing forms of rot.

Escalating Maintenance Needs

If you find that you’ve had to repaint your siding more frequently, or if, like many other things, the ongoing maintenance is simply getting to be too much, it might be time for newer siding. Upgrading from wood to James Hardie, for example, can virtually eliminate maintenance needs.

Ready for New Siding: What Can New Siding Do For Your Home?

Pride Of Ownership

One of the benefits of new siding is that you have the opportunity to make your home more personalized. You can pick from countless colors, textures, and styles to let you express and refine your home’s aesthetic through the siding. Even in neighborhoods that have HOA requirements, there is often still a great deal of customization that can be had.

Curb Appeal

If you may be selling your home soon, one of the biggest upgrades you can make is to the first-impression ability of your home, which means maxing out that curb appeal. When potential buyers pull up in front of a home on the market and see the weathered, old siding, they immediately start thinking about what it’s going to take to replace it. When they pull up in front of a home with crisp new siding, it’s easier for them to see themselves living there.

Reduce Ongoing Maintenance

Another reason that many homeowners choose to update their siding is that technologies are constantly evolving, and newer materials are being designed that drastically cut down on the amount of maintenance that is needed over the life of the siding. Some materials never need to be painted and can last 50 years or more.

Ready for New Siding: Fairway Exteriors Can Be Your Local Siding Partner

If you think it might be time to get new siding, make sure you use a trusted local siding contractor. Whether you’re seeing signs of damage, or just feel that it’s time for a change to a newer siding or different material, Fairway is ready to listen to your needs and help you find a siding solution that meets them. Reach out today and speak with an expert member of our siding team.

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