What Steps Should You Take to Get an Exterior Home Siding Estimate Now?

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Kansas City homeowners have a certain level of pride in their homes, and protecting each one will require the homeowner to get an exterior home siding estimate, at one point or another. Siding is one of the most crucial factors in keeping incredibly significant investments safe from the ever-changing onslaught of KC weather. However, if the homeowner waits until the siding is desperately needed, they may find that reputable contractors are busy and don’t have time in their schedule. 

This is why it’s important to understand how timing will drastically affect not only requests for estimates but also the time in the schedule needed to actually complete the projects. We’re going to cover the biggest ways to make sure you are able to get your siding done when you want it, so you are minimally inconvenienced.

Getting An Exterior Home Siding Estimate

The estimate is more than just someone coming out to your home and giving you a price after some quick glances at your home’s size. For reputable siding companies, this is when detailed measurements are taken, and some of the options regarding soffit and fascia are discussed and chosen. Colors may also be covered, and a detailed project bid or estimate will be generated. If the bid is acceptable, in many cases schedules can also occur during this meeting.

Timing Is Everything

People that want a crew at their home in the summer are going to need to plan much further ahead and be much more flexible with timing. Homeowners that don’t mind service during non-peak times of the year will often be able to schedule with more confidence but may face more weather-related delays.

Siding Has Seasonal Surges

With siding, there will be times of the year when you will not be able to get into the schedule for weeks at a time unless you’ve already scheduled the project. Summer has longer days which allow our crews to get more done in a day but when weather interrupts that progress it can create significant delays and rescheduling.

This is crucial to remember for homeowners that suspect or even know for a fact that their current siding has failed and that new siding is needed. If action isn’t taken immediately to schedule an estimate and get the problem fixed, it could mean exposure to two more wet seasons before your home is protected again.

Plan Ahead

The biggest thing to remember is that no matter when you want your estimate and potential installation, you will need to make sure you are giving the company a sufficient head’s up. If you want a project to be completed in the summer, start planning for it in the late winter or even early spring, such as January through March. If you want your project to be scheduled and completed during the fall, you’ll have more scheduling flexibility, but it also never hurts to get an early start.

We Can Help With Your Exterior Home Siding Estimate

Getting new siding for your home can be a complex process, but Fairway Exteriors strives to make that process as stress-free and transparent as possible. When you call us, you’ll talk to a real person in our office, and you’ll be able to ask any questions or get any additional information that you need. Whether you need an exterior home siding estimate or any other siding maintenance or service, reach out and let Fairway be your exterior remodeling partner.

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